Sand Silo
Sand Silo

The Sand Silo is a containment/delivery system for golf course topdressing that can be filled directly by your sand supplier's pneumatic tanker. It keeps your topdressing sand clean and dry, off the ground. Best of all, one operator can fill your topdresser hopper in seconds by pulling a manual slide valve - without a loader or shovels! And it's affordable!
Keeps sand dry You have the flexibility to topdress when and where you choose.
Keeps sand clean Eliminates contamination and subsequent removal of debris from greens after topdressing.
Saves labor Reloading a topdresser hopper is now a one-person job! The need for brushing is also greatly reduced when topdressing with dry sand.
Eliminates waste Many golf courses lose up to 1/3 of their topdressing due to rain, contamination and spillage.
Reduces equipment needs Eliminate tractors, loaders, dump trucks and hand shovels and their associated labor.
Frees up storage area Sand is stored overhead rather than on parking lots, concrete pads or other valuable ground areas.
Enhances safety Loading a topdresser by pulling a manual slide valve greatly reduces the potential danger of the loading operation compared to traditional methods.
Plan deliveries You can schedule and coordinate your deliveries so dry, clean, cool sand is always available. Often sand is delivered hot, right out of the drying kiln, and can take several days to cool. Applying hot sand can damage turf.
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